Salton Sea, California, USA

A future that once existed may never occur...

Rise of the Salton Sea  is an exciting new novel that chronicles events in the coming decades.  It includes intimate memoirs of people, the lives they live, and the struggles they face.

At their center of their world, what connects their lives together is the largest body of water in the state of California, USA.  It is the Salton Sea.  The magnification image shows the location of the Sea.  But its size and shape in the image may not be recognizable.  The Salton Sea does not yet exist in that form.

The history of the Salton Sea is both ancient and modern.  For some it was a heaven, bestowing riches and glory.  For others, a hell that offered only sorrow.  The Sea itself has lived many lives too.  In it's most recent incarnation the Salton Sea was birthed in the early 1900s.  It formed in the middle of a desert when flood waters from the Colorado River swept through channels of a poorly controlled canal system.  At the pinnacle of the Salton Sea's existence it was a paradise in the middle of a desert.  Since then the Sea has been in decline.  A former shadow of what it once was, its very existence is now in question.

But with newly discovered information, we now know the Sea's future is not as dismal as it might seem today.  In the years to come the Salton Sea will rise beyond its former glory.  And with its ascendance, a new world of possibility will be created for all of us.

Rise of the Salton Sea is sourced from numerous person journals that were combined into a biopic narrative.  This website contains timelines of events described by their memoirs.  It includes previously unknown information that has been excluded from our history.

Rise of the Salton Sea