Rise of the Salton Sea is a biography of numerous personal journals combined into a single narrative.  It chronicles the events and lives of people that live in the coming decades.  This website contains a timeline of their existence.  A timeline of redacted events that were not previously known about is also included.

The image to the right may be recognizable as the state of California, USA with the Salton Sea at its southern border.  The size and shape of the Salton Sea may not be familiar because it doesn’t exist in that form yet.  While still the state’s largest body of water, the current Salton Sea is much smaller than it will be.

The sea’s most recent incarnation was created in the early 1900s.  It was formed in the middle of a desert when flood waters from the Colorado River swept through a poorly controlled canal system used for irrigation.  Although it was born with the help of humankind, its existence would not have been possible without geological elements contributed by mother nature.  More information is available at the Life of the Salton Sea.

The pinnacle of the Salton Sea’s existence was almost half a century ago.  Since then it has been in decline and today is in danger of disappearing.  The sea is now only a former shadow of what it once was and its future existence is in question.  But thanks to the information documented in the journals, it is now known the sea’s outlook is not as dismal as it seems today.  In the years to come the Salton Sea will rise to its former glory and beyond.

Rise of the Salton Sea